Questions not quite Scarless Breast Augmentation

Have you heard rumors or have had friends who time-honored breast implants through their tummy button? Yes, it is possible. Scarless breast augmentation, or Trans-umbilical Breast augmentation (TUBA) has conventional a huge burst of rapidity past entering the plastic surgery stage.

Since the initial speed subsided, additional questions have been asked and research conducted to determine whether this other open warranted the massive hype surrounding it.

If you are with scarless breast augmentation, below are some of the most common questions asked in order to find the money for you like a augmented settlement of the procedure, its risks, advantages and breast augmentation chicago .

What is scarless breast augmentation?

Scarless breast augmentation, or TUBA, is an endoscopic procedure that involves breast implants visceral inserted through the belly button. This incision marginal eliminates any potential for scarring, past the navel is a scar from birth.

How are the breast implants inserted?

Saline breast implants are deflated and inserted above the pectoral muscles by pretentiousness of a tunnel. The implants are later inflated, checked for symmetry and the incision closed.

What are the advantages of scarless breast augmentation?

Trans-umbilical breast augmentations allow advantages that other methods of breast implant insertion pull off not, including:

Absolutely no scarring, allowing patients to unquestionably privatize their surgery
Reduced bruising
High satisfaction rate
Less risk of nerve damage
Procedure can be completed in approximately an hour
Decreased recovery time
Not as invasive
Are there any disadvantages to TUBA?
Yes. To begin with, solitary saline breast implants are usable through this method. For women seeking the natural aesthetic and tone of silicone gel, choice incision location must be pursued.

Another subtler drawback is that the implants must be placed above the muscles. However, breast implants under the muscles are advantageous for numerous reasons, including:

Increased mammogram accuracy
Pectorals come up with the money for new covering for women subsequent to humiliate amounts of breast tissue, which increases the natural air of the implants
When placed above the muscle, there is a inadvertent of implant visibility for women without all right breast tissue
Do every breast surgeons doing scarless breast augmentations?
No. In fact, past the American bureau for Plastic Surgeons stopped recommending Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentations, many plastic surgeons have abandoned this procedure.

Do extra incision options exist that will not scar the breast?

For women insistent upon receiving breast implants without visible breast scarring, the best incision other is through a crease in the armpit. However, this method has numerous drawbacks, including:

Hairless scars may be visible in shirtless clothing
Silicone breast implants are more hard to include through this method
Recovery era is greater than any new method

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